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GP rules.
Apr 16, 11 10:04 PM
Mar 31, 11 2:50 PM
I need pictures PPL!
Mar 24, 11 12:00 PM
Mar 24, 11 11:58 AM
Recruiting rules REVAMPED.
Mar 24, 11 11:56 AM
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  This is Sasin-Mabinogi Guild site. I am the leader Raliea. If you would like to join. Please register at the top of the screen and then note me ingame. 

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GP rules.

raysama12, Apr 16, 11 10:04 PM.
TURN IN YOUR GP WEEK4 OF APRIL ONLY, Normally,Upon turning in GP, make sure you turn in your GP the weeks b4 week3 of the month. When its week3, the GP for that week that you earned, you will turn it in on Sat b4 the banquet around 8:50central time,  Post the screenshot of your GP in the correct section under the gallery>gp post. The prize is still the same. 10,000 NX


raysama12, Mar 31, 11 2:50 PM.
Congratulations to Silveryuki for recruiting the most ppl. 

I need pictures PPL!

raysama12, Mar 24, 11 12:00 PM.
Please give me ur pictures of ur chars. I really dnt like repeating myself :D
Hello ;D It is I, THE RAY, I want a PICTURE of yall mabinogi chars, Close up try to get head and feet. Try not to be in a populated area. Do a pose too! No interface please. I want some turned to the side. Some forward. Something that looks good. No boring looking pose. I'm going to take these pictures and render them.  Send it to my email please. Thankies ;]  I want this ASAP please ^^


raysama12, Mar 24, 11 11:58 AM.
If anyone would like to join in on our skype calls, please add me at raysama12 ^^ Just tell me who u r n ill accept. It's a nice way to get to know the other members better n such.

Recruiting rules REVAMPED.

raysama12, Mar 24, 11 11:56 AM.
The recruiting rules r changing. When you recruit someone, you will only get 5k for the recruit, getting them to signup on the site, etc. I will be using the guild money to do this. So ya'll please donate to the guild ^^ so i can reward the members who r recruiting.
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